Have you ever made a decision to do or not to do something, but found yourself changing your mind based on the influence of a situation or event? For instance, you started a new fitness program that meets 3 times a week. You said that you were committed to working out all 3 days. However workout day 2 turns out to be cold and rainy. Instead of completing your workout, you come home and take a nap. Once you wake up, you are disappointed at the fact that you did not keep your commitment to work out all 3 days. I mean it wasn’t like you were going to exercise outside. What prevented you from adhering to your original decision to work out all 3 days of the fitness program?

This is an all too familiar scenario. We make decisions to do or not do to something, but a situation, event or even an emotion causes us to respond differently. If we are not careful, this becomes a vicious cycle that prevents us from achieving our goals. Take a moment to evaluate the things that are influencing your original thought process. Then as these things arise, recognize the cause, but take steps to minimize the effect.