A Life without Purpose is…Barren


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God has gifted each of us with unique talents and abilities to meet the needs of the world. However, many of us fail to identify, develop and utilize our gifts in purposeful roles. We become complacent in jobs that we don’t like. We refuse to step outside of our comfort zones. We allow fear to hinder us from growth and development opportunities. The end result is a list of hopes and dreams that fails to come to fruition.

So then the question becomes, when are you willing to take the necessary steps to live a purposeful life? Is it when you reach a certain age? Getting older isn’t promised? Is it when you attain a milestone job? Jobs are being eliminated every day. Is it when your children are grown? Children take at least 18 years or more to mature. Are you willing to wait that long to pursue your passions and ambitions?

Today, I challenge you to take the first step towards living a purposeful life by consulting with a Life Purpose Coach. I’ll walk you through a 4 step process to identify and overcome the barriers that are hindering you from achieving your dreams and passions. Don’t allow another day to go by without passionately seeking to identify and utilize the many talents that God has gifted you with.

A life without purpose is barren. Seek purpose so that you may bear much fruit.


Just Checking In…


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It’s been a while since I last blogged. I took several months to prepare and adjust to significant life changes. I stepped down from various leadership and volunteer activities. I said no to requests to participate in new activities. I really took time to recalibrate my life.

This wasn’t an easy process because I felt a huge obligation to continue leading various organizations and to remain in volunteer activities. However, I began to lose passion and drive in my role within these organizations which was a key indicator that it was time to step down.

Out of this downtime came a rejuvenated spirit, a new sense of purpose and a commitment to help others live a purposeful life.  I have more clarity, insight and focus to do what God has called me to do.  Sometimes you have to let things go and reprioritize in order to grow.

Have We Really Overcome?


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Human trafficking, racism, domestic violence, and corporate layoffs are just a few of the negative headlines highlighted each day. It’s almost unbearable to watch the news because the focus seems to be on adverse situations around the world. How can a society that has made significant advancements in technology, educational pursuits, income levels and communication methods become stagnated in a foul sea of greed, corruption, and hatred?

Have we really overcome? My response is no. We live in a world that hungers for power, money, and physical gratification at all costs. Legal systems are often corrupt. Integrity is often compromised. Moral values are often pushed aside. As a result, we find ourselves consumed in a constant state of negativity that can give birth to despair, disappointment, discouragement and depression.

So, how can we overcome?

  • We have to pray without ceasing.
  • We have to saturate our minds with positive thoughts.
  • We have to surround ourselves with encouraging and motivating people.
  • We have to stay focused on living a purposeful life.
  • We have to know that whatever life brings our way, God is ultimately in control.

There will always be negativity in the world. Have peace in knowing that things of the world are temporary, but God’s love is everlasting.


When Busyness Consumes You


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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Why? It’s really quite simple. Busyness has consumed me. I was involved in several professional organizations. I volunteered for several non-profit assemblies. I started working for a new company that required much more time, effort, diligence and travel availability. However, this company provided limited opportunity to vacation and de-stress. Before I realized it, I was burnt out and totally unmotivated to focus on the things I was called to do.

Busyness is a detrimental distracter that enters our lives through acceptance of tasks, roles, and responsibilities. Initially, we don’t even realize the magnitude of the responsibilities we have embraced. What starts off as a leadership or volunteer role in one organization quickly expands to additional roles and responsibilities. Somewhere deep inside, we know that we should say “no” to the request to lead or serve in various capacities. However, feelings of obligation and even guilt take over and we soon find ourselves committing to yet another role. This is where I found myself. Yet, this is where I found myself.

Constant frustration, de-motivation, disappointment, tiredness, stress and incremental weight-gain were signs that I needed to remove busyness from my life. I started this journey by identifying activities that I was no longer excited about being involved in. Gradually, I removed myself from these activities. I tried to ensure that my transition wasn’t abrupt and that there was a transition plan in place.  My next step included identifying the things that I really enjoyed. This process involved saying “no” to some activities to ensure there was time available for the things that provided a fun outlet for removing stress and frustration. The last thing I did was to ensure that the remaining activities in my life cultivated, enhanced and/or developed skills that increased the effectiveness of what I was called to do. This is a continuous process as events, people, and circumstances change the scope of our lives.

Life should be an abundance of meaningful activities that bring value to our lives.  Join me on a journey to remove busyness and distractions that seek to derail what we are called to do.

A Child’s Outcry


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In my last blog, I shared that God calls us to do things that are inconvenient, uncomfortable and undesirable.  These instances often challenge our normal thinking patterns and enable us to see things from a different perspective.  Serving as a juror changed my entire viewpoint of the judicial system.  I witnessed the personal account of a child’s outcry of molestation and quickly realized the importance, impact and influence that the justice system has on social order.

When the trial ended, I wanted to share my personal experiences that led up to the verdict. However, after careful consideration, I determined that revealing detailed information regarding the trial could cause further hurt to the plaintiff, family members or others involved in the case.  I’ll only say that this case ended with a guilty verdict for the defendant and a recommended sentence of 50 plus years.  Some would say that a fair and just sentence was rendered. However, after seeing the tears in the defendant’s mother’s eyes, I would say that there’s nothing fair about knowing that your son committed a heinous crime. There’s nothing just about the negative impact that the acts of molestation will have on the child’s future.

When a child makes an outcry of molestation, never discount their statement. You have a personal obligation to report the incident so that the necessary steps can be taken to do what’s in the best interest of the child.