Are you willing to reveal…to let God heal?


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I recently shared a personal story with close friends and acquaintances.  It was a difficult subject to speak on, but I knew that sharing was an integral part of my healing process.  As I gave my testimony, many began to share the fact that they had gone through similar situations.  Sadly, for some, it was the first time they had ever revealed the impact of the loss or trials.  For months or years, they kept their emotions inside and dealt with the pain.

Many of us have grown up in families that teach us from a very early age to refrain from telling family or personal business.  This practice has kept us in bondage for years.  In addition, the enemy seeks to use painful situations to make us withdraw and isolate ourselves.  The result? We are buried in feelings of worthlessness, we suffer from depression, and we endure a sense of shame.

There are some things that can only be healed through revelation. Revelation takes you through a process of accepting the circumstances and realizing you are not alone.  It then allows you to transition from feeling helpless to being secure in knowing that everything is a part of God’s plan.

Revelation must be balanced with prayer and wisdom to ensure we are sharing only with those who can be trusted or those God has called us to minister to.  The great thing about revelation? Your testimony not only begins your healing process, but it often assists others in their healing process as well.

Don’t be afraid to reveal to allow God to heal.

Do You Trust God’s Plan for Your Life?


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I.Have.A Plan.

You will face many trial and hardships.  It’s just the natural cycle of life.  In those difficult times, you have a choice to put your total trust in God or to continually question his will.  What will you decide?

It was only a few days ago that I carried the joy of the world inside.  In a split second, my joy turned to sadness.  My sadness turned to despair.  My despair turned to hopelessness.  Tears became the hourglass of my day and I found myself asking “God, why?  Why did this happen?”

There was no reasonable explanation.  There was no one to blame.  There was only the still, quiet voice of God whispering, “Will You Trust Me?”  At first, I kept questioning God as to why this happened.  Then a calm came over me.  Though I didn’t understand why such a sorrowful event had taken place, I knew that God was faithful.  I knew that God was loving.  I knew that that even though this event was very painful, it was a part of God’s unique plan for my life.

I trust God’s plan for my life, though I may not always understand.  My trust comes in knowing that God can see my beginning and my end.  My faith stems from God’s unconditional love and constant provision for my life.  My acceptance flows from an intimate relationship with God.

Dedicated to “Jordan Avery Reid”

The Sunday Blues


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Sunday is often viewed as a day of worship, a day to enjoy activities, and a day of rest. However, many people fail to enjoy Sunday because it’s the last weekend day prior to the beginning of a work week.

Sunday nights are often spent dreading the upcoming work day or time spent with difficult co-workers and/or managers. Sunday can also bring on feelings of stress and anxiety associated with doing a job that you hate or have no drive or passion for.  As a result, what should be a peaceful, joyous and restful day turns quickly into an occurrence of “The Sunday Blues”.

If you find yourself experiencing a constant state of The Sunday Blues, then it’s time to make a positive change.

  • Start by praying about your current situation. Ask God to give you wisdom, insight, and guidance on your future career path.
  • Next, identify the cause of your Sunday Blues. This step may require you to take a moment of deep reflection, to consult with a trusted friend or to seek the guidance from a certified Life Purpose Coach.
  • Establish short term and long term goals to transition from your current state. This step can include items such as updating your resume, joining professional organizations to build your network, and identifying training needs to develop and grow your current skill set.
  • Lastly, stretch yourself by moving outside of your comfort zone. If you are passionate about speaking, but have never spoken in front of people, take a Toastmasters class. If you have always wanted to write a book, join a local writing group.

You have the power to turn a case of The Sunday Blues into a day of transformation that propels you into a more passionate and fulfilling life!

A Life without Purpose is…Barren


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God has gifted each of us with unique talents and abilities to meet the needs of the world. However, many of us fail to identify, develop and utilize our gifts in purposeful roles. We become complacent in jobs that we don’t like. We refuse to step outside of our comfort zones. We allow fear to hinder us from growth and development opportunities. The end result is a list of hopes and dreams that fails to come to fruition.

So then the question becomes, when are you willing to take the necessary steps to live a purposeful life? Is it when you reach a certain age? Getting older isn’t promised? Is it when you attain a milestone job? Jobs are being eliminated every day. Is it when your children are grown? Children take at least 18 years or more to mature. Are you willing to wait that long to pursue your passions and ambitions?

Today, I challenge you to take the first step towards living a purposeful life by consulting with a Life Purpose Coach. I’ll walk you through a 4 step process to identify and overcome the barriers that are hindering you from achieving your dreams and passions. Don’t allow another day to go by without passionately seeking to identify and utilize the many talents that God has gifted you with.

A life without purpose is barren. Seek purpose so that you may bear much fruit.

Just Checking In…


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It’s been a while since I last blogged. I took several months to prepare and adjust to significant life changes. I stepped down from various leadership and volunteer activities. I said no to requests to participate in new activities. I really took time to recalibrate my life.

This wasn’t an easy process because I felt a huge obligation to continue leading various organizations and to remain in volunteer activities. However, I began to lose passion and drive in my role within these organizations which was a key indicator that it was time to step down.

Out of this downtime came a rejuvenated spirit, a new sense of purpose and a commitment to help others live a purposeful life.  I have more clarity, insight and focus to do what God has called me to do.  Sometimes you have to let things go and reprioritize in order to grow.